Club Registration

U10 Boys & Girls total registration fee is $450.00

U12, U14, U16, U18 Boys & Girls total registration fee is $650.00*


Payment schedule: 

$200 non-refundable deposit due at registration

$200 payment due Sep 1st (U10 teams – $150)

$250 final payment due Nov 1st  (U10 teams – $100)

How to register:


Discount option:

*If you register and make your initial payment before July 1st you will receive a $50 discount, reducing the annual fee to $600.00

Summit FC strives to keep costs as low as possible for club families and, to the extent we are able, to avoid situations where program fees become a barrier to participation.  We are mindful of the financial sacrifices our members make in order to support our mission, and we continually strive to keep membership affordable for Vermont families.  We firmly believe that our program fees, combined with the opportunities for player development and competition offered by our highly-qualified coaching staff, make Summit FC the best value in the region.




Summit FC has adopted the Technical Academy system for player development.  These seasonal sessions help individual players perfect their foot skills, first touches, and ball control, which are critical to success as the players progress to higher levels of play and competition.  Each academy consists of approximately 5 weekly training sessions lasting 60-90 minutes, run by team coaches under the overall direction of Technical Director John O’Connor.

FALL Technical Academy begins in November following the end of school-based seasons

WINTER Technical Academy begins in late January – early February

SPRING Technical Academy begins in late March.



Beginning after January 1 and ending in early March, these weekly practices take place on weekend afternoons and evenings at Keefe Gym, located at the Rutland Intermediate School.  Goalkeeper training sessions also take place during this time.



These mid-week evening practices begin in late March, and are held on the turf at Spartan Arena, located behind the Diamond Run Mall in Rutland.  Goalkeeper training sessions are also included.



Outdoor practices start in late April and run through the end of June.  Schedules typically include 2 sessions per week per team, and are 60-90 minutes in length.  Practices are held at the Hathaway/Summit FC Fields on East Pittsford Road in Rutland.



Teams compete in club tournaments in NY/NE, and/or the Vermont Soccer League (VSL), as appropriate for each team’s age and ability level.

In May and June, teams play matches, which may include friendlies with other clubs and VSL games throughout the state. VSL games may be on weekends or mid-week. Schedules are posted in April.

The VSL leaves three (3) weekends free on the summer calendar. SFC takes this opportunity to send our teams to compete in tournaments on these weekend dates. Most tournaments are in May and June. Not all teams play a VSL schedule, with some placing a more intense focus on training.  For these teams, club dues will be used to fund participation in an additional weekend tournament.  Our club season is over at the end of June.

Our U10 teams do not play in the VSL, and instead  play in “jamborees” and” friendlies” during May and June with teams from other clubs. Our U10 teams will also compete in up to two (2) weekend tournaments.


*Summit FC is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit club, and the player fees cover league fees, tournament registrations, coach stipends, field maintenance & facility lease. The player fees include all training, indoor and outdoor leagues, technical academies and tournaments. The player fees do not include a uniform package.